Wednesday, February 27, 2008

They Are Growing!

First there's Zane...building up a storm with his Legos. He just reaches in the bucket and comes down with some very inventive creations. Like this: And this:Not to mention that he is officially reading full sentences and spelling some 3 letter words. Granted, they are sentences he'll likely never encounter again until teaching his children phonics. For example: The fat bat sat on a cat. Nonetheless, a sentence! He'll be 6 in just 2 months!
Then there is this kid....the one who is the most like myself! Stubborn, strong-willed, voracious reader, get the idea. He is constantly telling me his math isn't hard enough. I have him solving for x,(9+x=13) and he's bored! He is full of his own ideas and opinions, and is an absolute joy to be around. Oh, did I mention that he is doing the dishes for me now:)

This little miss is soon to turn 4, and she is speaking so much clearer now that she's been in Speech Therapy for a couple of months. She is learning her vowels right now, and doing quite well. When I am busy helping the boys start school, she reminds me: "Mom, we do our letters?"

And this Baby Jude is not such a baby anymore! He is the comedian, and is always doing some funny dance, sound or face to make his brothers laugh. Then when we are out, he does the shy eyes to anyone willing to look his way. What a heartbreaker!
When I am up to my eyeballs in laundry, sick with an ear infection, and trying to answer a client's phone call, even then, it is so worth it to stop it all and get a slobbery kiss from one of these guys!

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Melissa said...

Very cute kids! They all look like they will be heartbreakers. Better get a big stick for when the girls and boys come kicking down your door for dates.