Saturday, February 16, 2008

Clean Sweep-The attempt to Organize my Life

Okay. I can do this. deep breath. type. confess. I am an organized person stuck in the Twighlight Zone of disorganization! It seems that the more I try to organize lately=the more stuff that comes out=more disorganization. This book just came out: Does this clutter make my butt look fat?

Every attempt I am trying to make my life fuller and better is being thwarted by the clutter. This book has a great message. Basically, you get stuck in the chaos and cannot lose weight, do business or have productivity in your home. We are putting a stop to that today. Clean Sweep style! We've pulled out the tarps and are getting to business with the organization. Here are my before pics....

I will post my after pics soon!
P.S. After we did the Clean Sweep I got my ear infection, so the project got put on hold in a major way. I'll have pics for you this week!

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