Monday, March 10, 2008

What I've been doing since I've been gone...

Where've you been Sara?
Well, driving to Bristol and back and polluting the environment and emptying my bank account.
Well, Frank's Honda Prelude just happened to break its timing belt, and is now good for only parts.
Yikes, what are you going to do?
Well, hopefully find a new/old car soon to save on gas and rejuvenate our bank account.

Onto happier topics, I have also been planning our trip down South. Which leads me to a question. All you who just stop by and don't ever comment, please do! Give me your top tips for being a good guest. And give them to me from your perspective as a hostess. Frank is staying here, but we will be traveling to Atlanta, Brunswick and Tampa and staying with gracious family members and friends who are like family. What should a guest do to make sure they are a blessing, not a burden? Thanks for your help!


patty0226 said...

I tried to leave a message. I'm not even sure if this message will fly. We'll see. My earlier suggestions were preceded by a gentle lead in. Now I'm cutting to the chase. Help out when you a re a house guest. No matter who you are visiting. Don't ask if you can help. HELP! The families you are visiting can play alittle, but usually they are not on vacation and have to keep on some sort of schdule or they fall behind in housekeeping and general clean-up around the house. Let's face it with children there is no kicking back. May God bless your time with family and may you be a blessing to them also (and friends). Golden rule time. A past hostess and a future house guest.

Melissa said...

I agree with Patty and helping around the house. Even if you try to clean up after yourself and your family....that's a big help!

When I visit family or friends and they have graciously open up their house for us, I always leave a thank you note before I leave. A small gesture speaks volumes.

Try to think of what you would like your guests to do when you open your house for visitors and do the same.