Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Organization Update- I'M MAKING PROGRESS!

Well, we definately made a major dent in the office and shed, but still have some loose ends to tie up. You see, most of the chaos is the result of OTHER people's things being in my space! We have a few tubs left to be picked up by various clients, and we will be good to go! We gave away 2 tarp areas full of STUFF on freecycle, and shipped out some pretty big items which helped tremendously! I think we are going to get rid of the glass display case in the picture, and repaint the office. We also have some faux wood blinds to replace our broken mini blinds. Color ideas anyone? I really love this color, but it makes all my pics turn orangy. I'd love to replace the fan/lightfixture....maybe when I sell the glass case, we can use the proceeds for a new fan. Now that the shelving is out of here, I need to figure out what to do on that other wall. Another desk perhaps? Seating? Help! I'll update hopefully next week with more pics....we're supposed to be building the deck this weekend. Pray for us!

You can see the floor!

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