Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

So I have finally given in and comitted to waking up early in the mornings to get things prepared for the day. WHAT a difference! You hear it in so many books, from so many experts, but until you do it for yourself, you cannot fully grasp how much better/smoother your day goes when you wake up early. This worked great last week:

6am Bible Study/Morning Routine(includes brush teeth, etc.)

6:45 am lay out items for homeschool

7-8am Walk 4 miles

8am Breakfast & Cleanup

8:30-11 School

11-12 to do list

12 lunch and cleanup

You get the gist...

The kids have strict orders that they must put their clothes on(laid out the night before), make their beds and have their room tidied before they are allowed downstairs for breakfast. We have early risers, so this keeps them at bay until around 8am. I feel so much more prepared for school after I have had some time to myself and walked in the morning. My heart and mind are prepared to be focused on my children and being productive with our days.

It works for me! This week Works for Me Wednesday WFMW is being hosted by Don't Try this at Home.

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