Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Update

So I started the week of with a bang! Monday and Tuesday walking/jogging for 60 mins, a total of over 4 miles each day. Today it's been snowing ALL day, so I will be toning and strength training with my balance ball and hand weights. I love healthy food options, so that is not my problem as much as convenience is! When I am making the kids pb&j for lunch, it's just much easier to make one for myself! Either that or I don't have time to eat at all, so when I finally do....can we say indulge?! That's why I love my Cinch shakes so much! I already know what's for breakfast & lunch, I don't get hungry and healthy choices for dinner are much easier to make ahead of time. Tonight is Chicken Tortilla Soup, Rachael Ray's recipe. Yum-O!

One of my resolutions was to volunteer at least once a month. Well, I was just asked to teach an ebay class for the adult education program at the community college. This is not a paid class, so I'll be volunteering every Thursday for 6 weeks! Working on business ideas this weekend and next, and the kids are getting lots of healthy options every day! Good luck with your resolutions!

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