Sunday, January 6, 2008

Blog Posts that stayed in my head

There are many posts I meant to put up.....but never did, so here's a quick synopsis!

Tea with "the girls" Sophia's best girlfriends Ella and Avery

Snow last week falling in Damascus....brrrrr!

And Frank's dad visited the day after Christmas. Fun Fun Fun!


Beka said...

Hehe...We girls used to have what we called "tea parties"...imagine a tea party of McCune girls though....after thoroughly making the kitchen a post atomic bomb disaster we : had grapes in our noses, "how many scones can you eat without barfing", cats walking on the shortbread, and nosetea spray on the tablecloth from laughing so hard..all with our little pinkies sticking out(which our dad taught us to do) get the picture...we were not girly girls :)

Beka said...

Oh I almost about going out for after dinner coffee..say Wednesday or Thursday

Beka said...

Oh almost forgot snakes in pocket.. at the "tea parties" of course!!! I wouldn't trade those times in for anything :)