Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dreams and Motherhood

Have you ever had a dream that you thought got lost the moment you became a mother? Don't get me wrong, staring into those precious baby eyes for the first time is a dream for sure, but what about the ones we had before motherhood? As mothers, we have a unique struggle when it comes to balancing our lives. Children, Husband, Church, Community, Spiritual and Personal Needs are often at odds with eachother. None of us wants to be the mom who's children are always being cared for by someone else for our own selfish gain. But neither do we want to be the mom who is so into her children that husband, community and personal needs are pushed to the wayside. I personally believe that it is vitally important for us to actively pursue our dreams, and to constantly grow as well rounded individuals. It is important for many reasons, including for our childrens' sake. Our children will benefit from seeing us enriching our lives and the lives of others with our actions. They will see our efforts to love them, those around us and ourselves and eventually apply them to their own lives. What do we want for our own children? I want to see them go at life with gusto, with passion, and with selflessness. But selflessness doesn't mean total abandoning of your own personal gifts. God has gifted each one of us with unique talents and missions, and to ignore those callings would be to deny our Creator. The Proverbs 31 woman was active in her family, in her community, in her church and at her business. I want to be that woman.

I have always loved to write. From the time I was very young, I dreamed of living in New York, writing for a living. Carefree and creative. As I grew up(which I am still doing, by the way) I refined my dreams to include an amazing man by my side who would love my dreams and my passion, and children who would add zeal and purpose. My dreams have come true...mostly. I have an amazing man who believes in me before I even know what me is all about. And I have 4 beautiful children who have added such a depth to my life, that I cannot possibly imagine being half of the person I am without even one of their smiles. But I have more dreams to explore. I want to write. I want to share my passion with others to encourage and uplift. I am so excited, because I may get an opportunity of a lifetime to pursue my goals and dreams. Proverbs 31 Ministries is putting on an event called She Speaks. It is a conference for women speakers, writers and bloggers to learn and be encouraged. There will be publishers and speakers from every field to share their knowledge and stories with us. It is so close by, I cannot miss the opportunity! It is June 20-22, and there is a scholarship being offered here. The chance to attend this conference is one I hope I can have!


MrsProverbs31 said...

Oh, that is beautiful. I, too among over 100 women who signed up, hope I can go. Good luck.

Miss Sandy said...

Blessings on finding balance, fulfillment of your writing dreams, and being able to attend She Speaks!