Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Visiting Friends

This was us then:
This is us now:

14 years later! My friend Michele has been in Tennessee, and we've had a fun week of visiting back and forth. She lives a glamorous life in Paris for 6 months of the year and Puerto Rico for the other half. Thankfully, her parents live a couple of hours from here, so when she visits we'll be able to get together. Her little boy Lorenzo is adorable, and had lots of fun with our bunch. We visited the Knoxville Zoo, and then headed to the Smoky Mountain National Forest and saw bears and ran some energy out.

This week Michele and Lorenzo paid us a visit, and we spent some time on the trail, riding our bikes. It was lots of fun, despite the downpour that caught us 10 minutes in! But soaking wet, we kept on riding! We even got to see a deer up close as we rode:

Maybe next time we can go to Paris for our adventures!

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