Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Last Garden Bounty

This is the last bounty from the garden...our tomatoes did really well. Go figure! The thing I was worried about the most, produced the best! 3 eggplants-they look big and fat, and 2 green bell peppers. Although we got every common pest for every one of our plants, there were only a few plants that didn't give us anything. No cucumbers, or melons, and only tiny carrots. I've definately learned a thing or two though. We will be planting garlic and beans soon, and then plant a large plot next year, ready with row covers and beneficial nematodes in hand:)

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Lindsay said...

OHHH...Eggplant parmesan (with vegan cheese)...I know I have a lame diet but those eggplants still make my mouth water! Lindsay