Monday, September 22, 2008

Rhythm & Roots Festival

This weekend we ventured out to the Rhythm & Roots Festival in Bristol for the first time since we moved here. On Saturday it was free for the kids & I, so we went and enjoyed music and yummy food! Bluegrass, Country, Folk & Celtic music abounded. Sweet sounds of banjos, mandolins, and sliding guitars traveled from each of the stages on State Street. We even saw someone playing a bottle! On Sunday we decided to go as a family, and as we walked up a family about to enter gave us 2 tickets that they couldn't use. Another FREE day at the festival! What a blessing! Here are some pics of the festival:

The weather was perfect, fall is in the air, and we are eagerly awaiting the leaves changing!
p.s. L-the 2nd pic is 4 u

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