Monday, March 17, 2008

Homeschool Fun

Today we were studying the artist Rembrandt, who practiced his technique by making faces in a mirror and drawing them. This is our version:) Here are Toby's results:

This is the book we use for our Artist Study, we love it!

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patty0226 said...

Those precious boys. They must be geniuses. Not sure about that spelling, but you know what I mean. I love being able to list comments. Those pictures are soooo cute and good too. What a great idea. I use to love to make faces in the mirror when I was a little girl. It was fun. What a cool idea to draw those faces. You have such smart kids. Oh! did I mention I'm there Memaw? Ha! like you didn't figure that out already. The deck looks so good, I love the boards on the angle like that. Very attractive. Ya'll work so hard and have such good fun together. It is soooo good to do these things together. You guy's enjoy every little thing and encluding the children in the work and fun is the greatest. I love you guys and pray God's richest blessing on you. OXOXOX Memaw