Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things that kept us busy in Tampa-Papa's House

This is the before pic of the room infamously known as the "card room". You'd imagine with such a name that guys got together and played poker together here.

Well, you'd be wrong! This is where 25 years of flea market and vending "stuff" got thrown. When you couldn't find it, more was purchased and thrown on top. Did you know that there was a couch, a chair, a dresser, a cabinet, and several bookshelves that you can't see in this picture? I honestly cannot even describe the massiveness of the mess. My sis in law Angie and I set out to tackle the project, which included sorting through the mess to salvage the sellable for ebay. This is in the process:

And this is what it finally looked like when we were done:

This is a gorgeous room, that is hard to photograph. There are two french doors that lead into the room, and lovely built ins. John is an avid trumpet player, and is utilizing this room for all of his music equipment that used to be in the living room! I bought this gorgeous couch at the thrift store in Tampa, it is made by Pottery Barn and was only $250! How I miss thrifting in the big city!
Anyways, a week of hard labor turned out the nicest room in the house. Next time we'll try to tackle the living room!
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