Friday, January 29, 2010

4th Birthday-Big Boy Jude!

We had Jude's 4th birthday party today. He was so excited to have 2 of his friends over for cake and snacks. Of course, the cake had to be Thomas :) His 2 year obsession is still going strong, and he almost always has a train or two in his hands. He is such a wonderful little guy, fun-loving in every way! Definately the family comedian, dancing and singing around the house for an audience whenever possible, especially when it garners a laugh or two! He is in love with his baby sister, and can't get enough of her. This usually requires no more than 4 inches space between the two of them when she is awake! I still can't believe he's 4, it was just yesterday he was a baby! I love you so much Jude!

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