Thursday, November 5, 2009

Toby's Spy Party

We had a blast planning Toby's 9th birthday party. He decided on a Secret Agent/Spy theme, and boy did he get it! We started with the invitations, complete with cipher codes:
When the kids arrived there was someone waiting to usher them in...providing they had the password ;) Then they went immediately to the fingerprinting station to make their very own agent ids, receive their spy glasses and notebook with pen. (With the James Bond theme song playing in the background I must add!)
After some mingling we went outside for the obstacle course, which involved jumping jacks, a balance beam, makeshift tunnel, target practice and bomb diffusion (popping a black balloon):
Next we brought out an old suitcase with a group of spy items and let the kids look at them for 45seconds. They all had their spy notebooks issued to them at the fingerprint station. Once we took away the suitcase they had a minute to write or draw what was in the suitcase.We ended the party with a bomb....cake! The candle was a sparkler and thrilled all the boys!
When it was time for presents, Toby received a ransom letter with clues that led him to the loot. Whew! I'm tired, but it was worth it! All the boys & Toby had a great time, and we just can't believe how big he is! Happy Birthday Toby!

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