Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun with the Troutmans

We were so blessed to get to spend Thanksgiving with our best friends, the Troutman Family.
Lily & Sophia got along so well, and had lots of fun playing dress-up, Polly Pockets and collecting know girly stuff:) It was freezing and the trees are all dead, but that little Sage can make your heart melt when she offers you her tiny little hand while you're walking!

We had lots of fun in the park
Kids and adults alike!

We had a delicious feast, which really began in the morning with Lindsay's delicious palmiers, then she prepared a Havarti cheese appetizer and a Shrimp w/ Bacon appetizer...yum-O!
We were all a little stuffed before the Thanksgiving meal even began!

The night before Thanksgiving we got to go out, just the adults, for a fabulous evening with great conversation and good food

So Thankful for these friends! There are some friends that when they come into your life, change the course of your character for the better. These are those friends.

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