Friday, May 2, 2008

A day in Saltville

We are going to be exploring our area a little more this year, and venturing out to learn more about our region's history. Our first stop was Saltville, VA. It is approximately 25 miles from Damascus, and is full of history and unique traits.

Saltville was the main source of salt during the Civil War for the Confederate Army, which made it a target for the Union forces, with 2 battles being waged here. The most fascinating thing about Saltville to me is the mascot: A wooly Mammoth.

Because of this area's salt reserves, a very diverse crowd of animals was attracted here. It created a salt marsh environment, that at spots is saltier than even the ocean! Because of this, the wooly mammoth, giant beaver, and early Native American tribes have all traveled and lived here in these mountains. Rich indeed! Many fossils have been found, as can be seen at the Museum of the Middle Appalachians. We had a great day in Saltville, and will be reading some local books with the kids this week to study the history and unique nature of this area.
This giant beaver is one of the largest rodents that has ever existed....ewwww:There was even some love for our dear friends:

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