Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tampa Times

Whew! Now that was a fun trip! We started early on the first day and made it to the Letaw's by lunchtime. Swords and threewheelers were much more important than the peanut butter sandwiches awaiting inside! Back on the road again, we listened to some great stories on CD and headed to Tallahassee. We popped in at the Snowdens' where we had a pleasant visit. We ended the night at Memaw and Gigi's with lasagna rolls and a cozy bed. The next morning was filled with hugs and kisses, peaceful garden time and haircuts. Then we finally got on the road to Papa's house where we all fell soundly asleep! I have so many pics to share, I'll try to break up our highlights into different posts. We missed everyone in VA, especially Daddy, but we were blessed with a great drive and good attitudes! I don't think I heard a single "I gotta go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW!" at all, and nary a "Are we there yet?" Just further proof of God's love for me...seriously!

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