Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Damascus, VA...It's where we live!

For those who want to know where we are living, here it is! These are the sights we get to see virtually every day! Damascus is a great little town, and we are so glad to live here! Just about every afternoon we walk into town and go to the post office, the library, the bank or the park, and often pick up an ice cream cone or cup of coffee too! Everyone is friendly, and the weather is beautiful! Our lows are in the 50s and 60s and the highs get to the 80s, but with very little humidity. It is a great place for our family and our lifestyle. The town is full of neat shops, cafes and bike shops. Come rent a bike and get on the Creeper Trail or hike up on the AT, we'd love to see you! Apparently we've got some great flyfishing in these parts too! That's Frank's next learning experience! The Highlands Festival in Abingdon is starting soon, and will be filled with 2 weeks worth of amazing events. We can't wait to visit farms, ride bikes in the kids' parade, attend plays and even take fly fishing classes! The pics I posted are of the river we get the pleasure of listening to at night across the street, the kid's on the trail, our house and the kids in the back yard. Fun!

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